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ACMSS00032 – Advanced skill set

Qualification Description

This skill set provides individuals with the skills and knowledge to groom the different coat types that occur in dog breed groups recognised by the Australian National Kennel Council and to identify companion animal coat and skin conditions.

Job roles covered by this qualification may include:

This skill set is for experienced pet groomers who want to perform advanced dog grooming techniques including at competition and show levels.


  • ACMGRM304 Provide grooms on cross breed dogs
  • ACMGRM305* Groom dogs to meet breed style and coat requirements
  • ACMGRM403 Enhance companion animal coat and skin condition
  • ACMGRM401* Carry out advanced grooming to dog breed standards

*prerequisite units apply - all prerequisite units are incorporated in the skill set.


Course overview

Course outcomes:

A total of four (4) Units of Competency must be achieved as specified

Course Price $950 AUD
(payment plans available)