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Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

Currently it is not mandatory to be qualified as a groomer, however a certificate qualification is your leading edge, and a certificate qualification from Heiniger Academy signals you as a dedicated professional, backed by an industry-leading company in a competitive and sought-after market.

Pets hold a privileged place in the hearts of their owners (sometimes loved even more than children)! Discerning owners will seek the assurance of a certificate qualified groomer in ensuring their pride and joy gets the best care and pampering available.

Heiniger Academy students have 12 months from the date of enrolment to complete the course. You can obtain your Certificate III in as little as 6 months, depending on how often you are able to groom animals to meet the hands-on practical component. Training through Heiniger Academy allows you to do block placement, easily facilitating the practical component of the course in a 5 week training block. Most candidates will successfully complete the course within 6 - 12 months of enrolment and your student liaison will be there to help support you on your journey.

Absolutely! The course is split into theory and practical components. The practical component consists of a training block provided by one of our partners where you will apply all the knowledge and skills you learn by performing grooming services on a variety of dog breeds.

Currently, there is no government funding for this course, however your employer may sponsor you. We have a range of payment plans available to ease any upfront payment burden.

We are able to use your previous studies as credit transfers or as evidence for a recognised prior learning pathway (RPL) and we can provide skills gaps training for the areas that you do not have full experience in.

You may apply to do this course overseas, on the proviso that you are able to meet the welfare and industry standards required in Australia. We currently do not offer the course through CRICOS so we are unable to provide international students with training in Australia. Please contact Heiniger Academy to find out which countries HA is able to offer this course.

As long as you meet the course requirements, yes, you can. Depending on the units you have already, we can accommodate individual learners in obtaining the grooming specific units you require.

Yes, recognition of current competency requires you to have been in the field within the last 2 years. If your course is from a different training package code, the information in that course may no longer be recognised as current best practice.

RPL requires you to provide evidence and documentation created by yourself in relation to training of team members, operations and procedures, WHS, workplace documentation, along with proof of grooming experience (minimum of 4 years). This process generally takes from 3-6 months, depending on previous experience and documentation.

No, Student Activities are purely to assist in consolidating a student’s knowledge as they go through their course. While completing will help you in the long run they are not compulsory and do not form part of our assessment.

All questions or queries regarding your distance learning modules should be sent in the first instance to your student liaison. They will be your first point of contact for anything to do with Heiniger Academy.

You will be given the opportunity to be complete your assessments again, for an additional fee, once some additional experience has been gained. If you do not pass your student liaison officer will discuss your options at this time.

No, Heiniger Academy provide the distance learning modules and certification. You will need to book your practical course direct with one of our training centres.

A Unique Student Identifier (USI) is a reference number made up of 10 digits which could be numbers and letters that give you access to your own training records. You will have one USI number for your lifetime. You can create and manage your USI details at

Part 5 of the Student Identifiers Act 2014 states that Registered Training Organisations must not issue certificates if a USI number is not provided by the student.

A USI is effectively a reference number allocated to each student. When students attend training they will need to provide it to their Training Organisation which will allow for their records to be updated in one location. This will also assist Training Organisations in checking pre-requisites as well as completing Credit Transfers and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

The USI scheme has been developed to assist all students attending Nationally Recognised Training to have the ability to access their training achievements in one location. This will save you from having to carry a portfolio of certificates around with you in the future. Since 1 January 2016 any Qualifications or Units of Competency you achieve will be available when you login. You will be able to access transcripts and provide them to prospective employers or to training organisations to recognise the achievements you hold.

Yes, if you are enrolling in or completing a course that is Nationally Recognised you must provide the Training Organisation your USI number to receive a certificate. If you do not have a USI number the Training Organisation can assist you in obtaining one.

You can apply in minutes online at You can also contact your Training Organisation who can apply on your behalf if you provide them with permission.

New training centres are always welcome at Heiniger Academy. Please e-mail or phone (08) 9434 0000 to discuss your options.

For full details on our refund policy, please visit our terms & refunds page here.