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What is Recognised Prior Learning?

Recognised Prior Learning or RPL is a pathway to obtaining a nationally recognised qualification that involves an evidence based review of your existing skills, experience (minimum of 4 years in the field) and prior qualifications. Heiniger Academy is here to help you get the recognition you deserve!

How RPL Works?

Self-Assessment Information

  • The purpose of this self-assessment is to enable candidates who feel they already have the required competencies to assess their skills and knowledge against the qualification requirements. Should you feel you are ready there will be additional questioning and observation conducted to complete your assessment process.
  • To complete the self-assessment, answer all the following questions by placing a in the column (Always, Sometimes, Never) that best reflects your current level of skills and knowledge.
  • As you answer each question, make a note of any evidence you have that could be used to verify your skills. For example, if you claim to be able to work collaboratively with others when conducting workplace activities, you need to be able to provide examples of this.

What You'll Need

Examples of different types of evidence you could provide:

    • workplace documents you complete or have completed
    • workplace documents you have created (including Operating Procedures, WHS, training documentation etc)
    • a résumé describing where you have worked and the duties you have performed
    • work meeting records
    • testimonials from clients or other staff you have worked with
    • job descriptions and references
    • photographs or videos, samples of work
    • records of formal or informal training you may have done on the job
    • discussion of the work you have done and where you have done the work with an assessor
    • demonstration of the task to an assessor (either in the workplace or at a training facility).