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Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services - ACM40317

Qualification Description

This qualification is the industry qualification for persons operating within a companion animal organisation.

Job roles covered by this Qualification may include:

  • Pet shop/aquarium manager
  • Companion animal trainer/behaviourist
  • Companion animal breeder
  • Companion animal groomer
  • Boarding kennel or cattery manager
  • Animal shelter supervisor/manager
  • Pet minding and exercise operator
  • Mobile hydro-bathing operator



  • ACMCAS401 Manage compliance in the companion animal industry
  • ACMGAS301 Maintain and monitor animal health and wellbeing
  • ACMWHS401 Maintain workplace health and safety processes


  • ACMCAN311 Care for young animals
  • ACMCAS402 Manage and maintain aviaries and bird rooms
  • ACMCAS403 Design, construct and maintain aquascapes
  • ACMCAS404 Develop enrichment strategies for companion animals
  • ACMCAS405 Purchase companion animal livestock
  • ACMCAS406 Manage companion animal breeding
  • ACMCAS407 Provide professional companion animal grooming services
  • ACMCAS408 Manage the operation of a mobile hydro-bathing facility
  • ACMCAS409 Provide training advice to companion animal owners
  • ACMCAS410 Conduct companion animal training classes
  • ACMGAS306 Assist with conditioning animals
  • ACMSPE301 Provide basic care of amphibians
  • ACMSPE302 Provide basic care of birds
  • ACMSPE303 Provide basic care of common native mammals
  • ACMSPE304 Provide basic care of domestic dogs
  • ACMSPE305 Provide basic care of domestic cats
  • ACMSPE306 Provide basic care of marine fish
  • ACMSPE307 Provide basic care of freshwater fish
  • ACMSPE308 Provide basic care of marine invertebrates
  • ACMSPE309 Provide basic care of terrestrial and freshwater invertebrates
  • ACMSPE310 Provide basic care of mammals
  • ACMSPE311 Provide basic care of non-venomous reptiles
  • ACMSPE312 Provide basic care of rodents and rabbits
  • ACMSUS401 Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices
  • ACMVET411 Prepare, deliver and review animal care education programs
  • BSBLDR403 Lead team effectiveness
  • BSBSMB403 Market the small business
  • BSBSMB405 Monitor and manage small business operations
  • BSBSMB407 Manage a small team
  • SIRRINV001 Receive and handle retail stock
  • TAEDEL402 Plan, organise and facilitate learning in the workplace

Course overview

Course outcomes:

A total of thirteen (13) Units of Competency must be achieved as specified:

  • Complete three (3) CORE Units
  • Complete ten (10) ELECTIVE Units

Course Price $1,880 AUD
(payment plans available)